Hair Bun Design For This Wedding Season

Hair Bun design

A wedding is a beautiful celebration filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. One of the most crucial elements of a bride’s appearance is her hairstyle, and a classic yet elegant hair bun can effortlessly elevate the entire bridal look.

From traditional to modern, the art of styling a hair bun offers a myriad of options to complement different wedding themes and personal preferences. In this article, we will tell you about the 10 best hair bun designs for this wedding season. 

These bun styles are simple yet attractive which will surely add an extra charm to any bride’s wedding look. So without any delay let’s dive in.

Choosing the Right Bun: Face Shapes and Hair Textures

  • Different bun styles complement various face shapes. For instance, oval faces often suit most bun styles, while round faces might benefit from higher or top-knot buns to add vertical emphasis.
  • Fine hair textures can benefit from volumizing techniques like teasing or using texturizing products to create fuller-looking buns. For thicker hair, opting for braided or twisted bun styles can manage the volume more effectively.
  • Those with round faces might prefer angular bun styles such as low, sleek buns or high, top-knot buns to add a lengthening effect to their facial appearance.
  • Curly or wavy hair can achieve stunning bun styles that play with the natural texture, embracing the curls or waves in the bun’s design, while straight hair may require additional styling methods or accessories to add depth and interest to the bun.
  • Heart-shaped faces often suit lower buns or side-swept styles, as they balance the broader forehead with softer, cascading hair around the face.

Hair Bun Design for this Wedding Season

Classic Low Bun

Venis / Gajra- Classic Low Bun
Hair Bun Design

The classic low bun is a timeless choice that radiates elegance and grace. This style involves gathering the hair at the nape of the neck and carefully twisting or coiling it into a neat bun. It’s a versatile option suitable for various hair types and lengths. The simplicity of this bun allows it to complement a wide range of wedding dresses, and it pairs effortlessly with veils or sparkling hair accessories, adding a touch of sophistication to the bride’s overall look.

Messy Bun with Flowers

Types of Flowers For Your Bridal Hairstyle- Messy Bun with Flowers
Hair Bun Design

For a relaxed and natural vibe, the messy bun adorned with flowers is a charming option. This style embraces a loose and textured bun, creating an effortless yet beautiful appearance. Fresh flowers or floral accessories can be delicately placed within the bun, enhancing the bride’s hairstyle with a touch of romance. It’s perfect for outdoor weddings or bohemian-themed ceremonies, exuding a whimsical and carefree feel.

Braided Bun

Venis / Gajra- Classic Low Bun
Hair Bun Design

The braided bun combines the elegance of a bun with the intricate detailing of braids. It involves weaving braids into the hair, leading to the formation of a bun. This style adds depth and texture, making it an excellent choice for brides looking for a sophisticated yet visually captivating hairstyle. Whether it’s a French braid incorporated into the bun or smaller braids woven around it, this design offers versatility and charm suitable for diverse bridal looks.

High Ballerina Bun